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Investing mistakes

After watching Antonio’s excellent video «I Lost Money in 2022, Here are my Mistakes» I thought I could make a version of my own.

Happy Days

Our resolve can wear down a lot after a couple of months of being hammered in the market. Choppy action for months can be harder than a steady grind down. You get your hopes up that the sector is decoupling from the general market to getting the rug pulled from under you. The market acts…

Avoid spreading yourself too thin

Conviction to hold on to a trade when people come with differing opinions can not be given, it has to be earned. Mentally and financially there is a limited number of sectors I can follow at once.

Can you feel it?

I am back at it again writing about uranium after a short break. There are a lot of exciting developments that have me very optimistic for the times ahead.

Security of supply

The conflict in Ukraine is making security of supply more and more important. 


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