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Deep Value Speculator

The reason I have called the site Deep Value Speculator is that I divide most investments into two categories: I find investments to be overpriced or underpriced. Today we see many people hold shares and call themselves long term investors. This is perfectly OK by me, but because I consider the general market to be overpriced, I do not want to be a long term investor. For example, the NASDAQ has a valuation that tells me that it can drop by 50 % and still be a reasonably priced. (The valuation is high because of low interest rates and big sums of money are looking for returns). Because of this I consider myself more of a speculator than an investor.

With knowledge from the likes of Howard Marks I want to speculate in industries where I see a better risk-reward

This page is for those who are looking for investment ideas that can make a big difference to their portfolio. The topics will deal with markets that have less media attention, and where small investors have better opportunities for really high returns.

Some topics this page focuses on

The Gold- and silver industry
Central Banks